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Software Development Methodology

As is common knowledge, a good development methodology requires an efficient use of resources, precise budget and timeline estimations, appropriate selection of technologies to be used, risk management, and efficient scheduling of the development process to meet the time-to-market requirements. At NOTO Solutions, we recognize this and have developed our own iterative software development methodology that primarily mitigates the risk of miscommunication and divergence during the development process and helps us achieve the desired results in the quickest and the most cost-effective manner possible.

The agile software development life cycle (ASDLC) can be typically divided into:

  1. Requirement
  2. Planning
  3. Design& Development
  4. Testing and Delivery

The management of these four stages of the ASDLC determines when and how effectively the developed software will offer the required features.

We use an effective and proven process combining all the four above stages. Further, while the program evolves to meet the desired business objectives, the requirements and design are continuously refined. We continuously integrate all the different coded components, release incremental builds of the software, and periodically check the changed requirements and design. By doing so, we encourage a shared ownership of the software among all the stakeholders such as the business analysts, software designers, programmers, and testers. This shared ownership in turn mitigates the risk of miscommunication and divergence, thereby avoiding any unpleasant surprises just before the delivery date.

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