Android Lollipop 5 vs IOS 8

Again a new topic for the experts to debate over the preference in between two famous and most used mobile operating systems – Android and IOS. This debate and comparison take more space after the adoption of Android by Google. Experts are directly or indirectly comparing two brands named Google and Apple through this comparison.

Well, apart from Mobile App Developer‘s opinion, we are excited for the two operating systems because they both have different audiences and continually growing their lovers and adopters. And obviously these updates will enhance their reach and their number of users as well.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system due to its UI and easy to access features. Even its huge application directory helps it to grow day by day. From 2008 to till date, it has spread its wings in more than 60% of the market and it is all because of its easiness. Where Android’s previous version Jelly Bean was having some drawbacks in security and other features, there the updated version of Android Kitkat removes all these drawbacks and again satisfies their users.

In India, the industry expert’s are hoping that the Lollipop will enhance its utility in a higher manner. With great looks, features, and fast performance, Lollipop can do it.

On the other hand, IOS always makes their users feel secure while using it. It is the most preferable device or operating system via the professionals and high class users. While it is more secure in all terms, there it is on the back end of its UI, features and performance.

Let’s compare both operating systems on behalf of their designs, performance, battery and some other aspects.

Android Lollipop

The latest operating version of android named as lollipop (android 5.0). The experts and the developers of it, assured about the success of it due to its higher performance and better security. Where it has several pros, it also contains some cons as well.

Android Lollipop 5.0

Designs: The UI of android is always a merit for this operating system. They prefer easier and attractive UI in their previous version and enhance it in their current version as well. With a better resolution and graphics, Android will lead the market again.

Features: Easy to access, a myriad of supportable applications, easy to connect and great GUI always make android a first choice to their users. All of these will enhance in their latest version to grab the attention of their audience.

Security: This is the drawback of android due to multiple application support and easy to connect features. These features always demolish their security system and make it open for the hackers. But in the latest version of their OS, the developers use multiple layer protection to protect your device without changing their features. It will be more complex now for the hackers to hack your device and infect it with unwanted viruses.

Performance: One more drawback of Android and it’s all because of their multi functional programming. They allow multi programs to run at the same time which makes their device slow, slow and slower.

Battery: While we are measuring previous versions of android, we found that the battery backup is good but not the best. The developers worked on it and resolved it in their latest version. Android 5.0 (Lollipop) now saves more battery even with more use.

IOS 8 or 8.1

One of the preferable mobile operating system, IOS launches their latest version IOS 8. It is also known as IOS 8.1. With the similar look and higher security it assured their users to better performance too.

IOS 8 or 8.1

Design: IOS 8 repeats their previous version’s UI with simple navigation and elegant look. After getting troubles in their 3D navigation in IOS 6, it switched again to simple navigation and retains it in their latest version as well.

Features: As like other operating systems, IOS also offers great features to their users but less supportive applications. It allows some of the most popular apps to run on their system and makes their users happy.

Security: As like always, Apple comes with the best secured version of the operating system (as their developer believes) and assured their users with their highly secured functionality. They updated their previous security system after getting hacked by some hackers.

Performance: The performance of IOS is always a positive point for the users. They allow multi functionality to their devices, but at the same time they consume the extra free space of the memory to execute other apps. This will improve their work functionality and increases the satisfaction of their users.

Battery: The all time headache of IOS is their battery backup. They assured their users about the better battery backup in their previous version, but fails to prove it and this problem still appears in their new version.

Android 5 vs IOS 8 (graph)