A couple of months ago, Whatsapp launches their web version for them who wants to use it with more proficiency. It allows us to use most recommended and adorable messaging services via web browser and smart phones at the same time.

Previously, it was the greatest add-on of Whatsapp after the merger with Facebook. But in recent months, the representatives of Whatsapp announce that the developers are continually working on launching their latest add-on “Whatsapp Calling” aka VOiP.

The Most awaited feature of Whatsapp – “Whatsapp calling” is here with an added charm in messaging and socialism. With the chit-chat feature of Whatsapp, now everyone will be able to call their loved ones and it is officially released.

Although, Whatsapp Calling was firstly announced in the month of Feb, 2015, but at that time, everyone wasn’t able to access this feature. But a day before yesterday, Whatsapp launches this feature with all updated versions.

Yeah, now anyone can call to their Whatsapp contacts through this feature even without spending a single penny. Isn’t it great with a few MBs, you can call to your loved ones?

What you need to get this add-on?

With launching, it sparks up a new energy to all chit-chatters. To avail this feature with your Whatsapp, what you need are listed below:

  • Updated version: To get benefitted of the calling features, you need to update your current version of Whatsapp. The latest version of Whatsapp is 2.12.19. But it can work well with any updated version (least required version is 2.11.561) of Whatsapp.If you already have an updated version of Whatsapp, but did not get this feature then you need to uninstall your updates and reinstall the latest version of Whatsapp. To uninstall your updates, you need:
    • Uninstall Updates: Go to your settings – Click on the apps – Click on Manage apps – Click on Whatsapp – Now uninstall updates
    • Update Current Version: Go to Play Store – Click on my apps (appears in the menu section, left side of your device screen) – Search Whatsapp – Click on Update.
  • Call from a friend: After getting the call feature in your Whatsapp, you need to activate it. To activate your calling features, you can make a Whatsapp call from your friend. (But with the latest version, this is not required)

Whatsapp calling activation

Add-on Features

With the latest version of Whatsapp, you will get a new look of your Whatsapp. In the updated version, you will get three columns-

  • Calls: Just like general phone feature, here you will get all details of the previous Whatsapp call.
  • Chats: Here, you will get all records of your chats.
  • Contacts: Here, you get all the contacts that have Whatsapp.

whatsapp calling


The Whatsapp Calling feature will directly compete with other calling apps like: Facebook calling, Viber, etc. Although, it will get more attention due to more users, and amazing messaging services, but still it has a limitation with the calling feature.

With Whatsapp Calling, we can’t call to them who does not have Whatsapp but their numbers are stored in our smart phones. We can only call to them who have a running Whatsapp on their smart phones.


With an amazing messaging service, the most recommended and adorable mobile application, Whatsapp will now use for calling also. The resources were launched calling feature with all updated versions. So, you can call to your Whatsapp contacts without spending a single penny.