MobilegeddonAre you know that Google gives Mobile-Friendly Websites a boost in their Search Ranking. Previously, it just a rumor or assumption, but it is more clear after their latest update which is named as “Mobilegeddon“. Although it does not affect your desktop rankings, but your mobile searches will definitely affect.

Mobilegeddon” is the latest update announced by GOOGLE on April 21st, 2015. The algorithm specially designed to make Google more relevant and accurate for Mobile searches. According to this update, if your website is not mobile friendly then it will definitely face a downfall in mobile search rankings, otherwise you will see a ranking boost into your website’s ranking.

mobilegeddonAlthough it will take some time to perform or affect your website ranking, but it will affect them soon. So, please check your website’s mobile friendly status, if the result is “Yes”, then this is a very Good news for your website and if the result is “No”, then this is a bad news for your website mobile ranks and you need to think over it once.

What is a Mobile Friendly website?

Mobile Friendly Website or Responsive website refers to the optimal view of a website, which means the website adapts the layout of the device and reflects a perfect and optimal view to the user.

Responsive layouts or website is a technique to create a device friendly website for an optimal viewing experience which is easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

How to check responsiveness?

To check either a website is responsive or not, there are some tools and add-ons available online. Even through some short keys too.

  • If you are using Firefox Mozilla, then ctrl+shft+M can change your screen size.
  • For Chrome, there is a lot of add-ons available online such as: responsive web design tester, responsive inspector, viewport resize, etc.
  • Apart from add-ons and short keys, there is a huge list available on GOOGLE that offer responsiveness checking facility such as:
    •, etc.

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