In the previous few years, Google continually changed their search algorithms to provide more relevant results to their users. This might increase user experience, but it limits the efforts of Search Engine Optimizers. Although it’s not a dead end of SEO, it tends to it, but with a focused approach, SEO specialists can regain the worth of their optimization strategies.

SEO Specialists

Here are the major 7 SEO strategies listed below that can help a specialist to survive in the Google’s update storm.

Optimize for mobile search

As per Google’s latest update – “Mobilegeddon“, it is necessary to optimize a website for mobile searches. If a website is not accessible through multiple devices (especially by mobile devices), it can lose their ranks in mobile searches.

More than that, responsiveness is essential to increase the reach of targeted audience, as per increasing numbers of mobile users.

Focus on a variety of keywords

Identifying a user’s thought, is the most complex thing in the world. We aren’t capable to recognize, what will be the most suitable search query to specify a product. So, it’s better to choose a variety of keywords including – branded keywords, semi-branded keywords, long tail keywords, direct keywords, and so on.

Don’t ignore social media

Social Media Optimization is the most required marketing strategy nowadays. It is the best way to target directly by posting relevant content, actively participating in communities, groups and enhance their networks by connecting relevant users.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media allows a business body to create their social identity and connect with relevant persons to promote and advertise their services, products, events and other activities.

Ditch complicated UX and URL

User experience is another factor that helps to get attention of targeted users. Most of the time, we optimize structures of URLs to get better ranks on search engines, but that’s not enough nowadays. To get better rank in 2015, we need to optimize our UI and UX as well.

A well constructed UX implies to better user experience that simply proportional to the better rank on search engines.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Never forget to consider small stuffs in your promotional strategies, most of the time, it helps to get better rank and attracts a higher number of users as well. As in current time span, Google behaves like an intelligent search engine who can identify your search query and provide more relevant results within a span of time. It changes search results according to different locations and different IPs which makes your ranks differ for different personalities. So, prefer to focus on small stuffs like: title, meta, headings, etc. as well.

Long tail SEO still matters

Google’s most awaited SEO update – “Hummingbird”, focuses on long tail keywords and statements to provide higher relevancy to the content. Although long tail SEO isn’t a new thing for SEO specialists, but it contains more value after the announcement of “Hummingbird.

Long tail keywords can easily attract users because of more descriptive nature and finds a better place on search engine results.

Pair up with PR

The best way to attract a worthy user is the inbound linking by authorized websites, which enhances referral traffic as well as increase the conversion ratio. By pairing up with authorized PR websites, business bodies and SEO specialists can get the worth of their efforts and attracts more users.