Planning a vacation trip by considering travel guides, travel agents and traditional booking systems are the antique approach. Nowadays, it’s common to get the entire essential things in a single place.

Travel Apps

Even, in the travelling businesses, it’s hard to get cover all the things such as users, bookings, travel guides, routes, maps, vacation trips, etc. Even it’s not possible to acquire customized MIS systems for your travelling business. So, it’s the time to move on towards next Gen travel solutions in the form of Travel apps development.

What travel Apps can do for you?

Travel Apps are the revolutionary innovation for the tourists and for them who’s deeply indulged in travelling. The major features of travel apps differ for users and businesses due to their different requirement.

Features for a USER

For a traveler or tourist, travel apps are the magic potion. With a single click or a bit of information, all required details about routes, maps, guides, accommodations, transportations, etc. comes on the screen.

Travel Apps Development

Even for the current mobile friendly (or can say mobile dependent) generation, who loves to hang out with friends and enjoys the beauty of different places, travel app is a handy guide for their next vacation.

What a user can get?

  1. User can use mobile booking feature
  2. Features to increase social media connections and sharing
  3. Travel tools, for directions, routes, guides, packages, etc.
  4. User can get information about hotels, restaurants, vehicles, etc.
  5. Additional features such as: car sharing, room service, payment, etc.

Features for ADMIN

For a travel business, travel apps can work like an individual. Just like a user, admin can manage the different segments of their business to calculate numbers of users, numbers of connected sub admins – hotels, restaurants, transporters, guides, etc., number of bookings, complaints or suggestions, reviews, etc.

Travel Apps Development

With an easy to access control panel, user & content management feature, travel app can work as an individual travel business virtually.

What an admin can get?

  1. User Management System – to update information of users, sub admins, contributors, agents, etc.
  2. Content Management System – to update information about packages, details, routes, directions, etc.
  3. Category Management System – to update categories and their details
  4. Reporting – Admin can get reporting feature for different stats (text and graphical versions)

In the custom travel apps, we design and develop; you can find ideas and tips for activities or destinations to help you plan any getaways or big trips. We have years of hands on experience and quality driven team of experts, who can develop feature oriented travel apps as per your requirement. So, let’s contact us to know what we can do for your travel apps development requirement.