Getting a huge number of organic visits on a website is the daydream of every business, but without any preferable ethical way it doesn’t be possible. While unethical moves can increase or boost online traffic like a boom, there on the other hand it can also increase the bounce rate. So, it’s better to move slowly with a rapid growth rather moving at a rabbit speed with a risk of downfall.

Organic SEO is one of the major aspect that comes under ethical ways of online growth. Without considering any unethical or violation technique, a business can grow their traffic and search engine impressions through ethical SEO.

Boost online traffice via organic SEO

Ethical SEO contains a lot of techniques that can help to attract consciousness of targeted audience while unethical SEO only attracts spiders and bots. The organic SEO splits into two segments, the first one known as On-Page SEO and other one spells as Off-Page SEO, but the common factors that implies on both segments are quality and research.

The creative methods that considered under organic SEO and help a website to boost its traffic, are:

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO solely implemented over web pages to get indexed and crawled by different search engines on a frequent rate. On-Page implies to the ways that improve web page’s back-end coding and designing to improve user and search engine’s interaction. Steps that included in On-Page SEO, are:

On-Page SEO

  • Content: Content always leads the way of promotions and optimizations, either it is on-page optimization or off-page optimization. SEO specialists, over the globe, pronounced it as “the king”, it actually acts like a king. Why? Because quality content always engages the audience to react over it. Things that needed for content, are:
    • Quality
    • Freshness
    • Research
    • Words
    • Engagement
  • HTML: After content optimization, structure of a website always considered for a better approach. It helps search engines to index a website sooner. Elements that come under HTML optimization, are:
    • Meta Title, Description and Keywords
    • Headings and structure
  • Architecture: Another on-page aspect is the architecture of a website, which contains:
    • Crawl
    • Speed
    • Duplicate
    • URL Structure
    • Responsive Layouts (Mobile sites)

Off-page SEO

Optimizing a website separately from the website pages or website known as off-page optimization. It contains online reputations and branding of a business through different ethical techniques. The sole purpose of off-page SEO is to build high authority links to build an online reputation. Key elements that come under off-page optimization, are:

  • Links: Online reputation completely depends on links created by SEO specialists. The better optimization and research, always leads to a great link building. Factors that should consider while link building, are:
    • Quality
    • Text
    • Numbers
  • Trust: Online traffic of a website depends on the user’s perception and trust of another user. Trust has always developed through its antiquity (history or background), its identity and the authority. Similarly, in the case of a website, trust needed:
    • Authority
    • History
    • Identity
  • Personal: Just like an individual, a business needs to get higher awareness in its respected radius. In online reputation, a well known business in the local market, gets a higher value in international market. For a better personality, SEO specialists consider:
    • Country
    • Locality
    • History
    • Social
  • Social: Social activities always help a person to get popularity sooner in their respected radius. Similarly, a website needs frequent updates on different social networks to get better online reputation. Although it is a separate segment and consider under SMO, but indirectly it affects the strategies and implementation of organic SEO as well.

Periodic Table of SEO Techniques

SEO preodic table