“Let’s move on to the new age of operating systems with Windows 10 including all essential features and latest updates – Microsoft edge, virtual windows and so on.”

Windows 10

It’s time to move on with Windows 10 and feel the change in the virtual presence of your personal system in a great manner. Windows 10 have all essential features that a user wants for their systems either it is a desktop, a tablet or a mobile.

On July 28th, 2015, Microsoft launched the most awaited operating system named as Windows 10 for all platforms- desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles including all essential features with a list of revolutionary updates. The updated operating system – Windows 10 is a complete package for all as it comprises all the features of previous operating systems – Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The expert webmasters of Microsoft tried to correct all the gaffes of their previous version Windows 8 and oblige their users with a free upgrade to Windows 10 option without any update charge.

What’s New in Windows 10

There is a huge list of features that adore you and excite you to use new Windows 10. Its look and make it feel more valuable than ever. Let’s check out beneath, what’s new in Windows 10:

Start menu

Whenever I tried to operate windows 8, the most irritating thing that I feel is its start menu. Windows 8’s full screen start menu makes me confused most of the time and may be several others as well. But in Windows 10, webmasters especially consider this issue and combined both options available in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

start menu - Windows 10

So, now anyone can change their start menu as per requirement and interest from scrolling start menu to full screen start menu.


Microsoft mobile users might aware about this and its amazing features. Cortana is a digital personal assistance that helps a user to search more specific queries such as: “show photos from December” or “PowerPoint slides about the charity account”.

Cortana - Windows 10

Cortana will assist you to find anything on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and tell jokes via voice search or text search.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft’s universal store is here with complete assistance. Use a free version of an app to get satisfied and happy with that before buying it.

Microsoft Store - Windows 10

Microsoft Store helps you to get music, videos, pictures, games and apps in a single place within your reach. Enjoy the freedom to get anything, anytime without any hassle.

Microsoft Edge

One of the most adorable and exciting feature of Windows 10 that admires us to use it and experience the future – Microsoft Edge. Edge is the future browser that lets us take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on webpages, we are accessing.

Edge - Windows 10

Inbuilt Cortana, read and write mode, doodling and so on makes this browser more interesting.

Windows Hello

Are you getting bored with a general welcome screen of your operating system? If yes, then Windows 10’s special feature – Windows Hello is here only for you (if your system supports it).

Hello Screen - Windows 10

This feature allows you to convert your boring welcome screen with a digital screen, where you can set your face or fingerprint as a password.


Windows 10 organizes all your pictures and video at a single place even it incorporates with associated mobiles, tables and cloud accounts

Photos - Windows 10

Although it may be a negative point for some, but overall it’s a great feature that burns your media searching issues.

Virtual desktop

Windows 10 allows you to convert your single screen into multiple screens by just dropping a window into any corner of your desktop. So enjoy multiple windows without any dependency.

There are more to adore you such as: taskbar/action center, unified control panel, continuum, updated commander and many more. Just explore more by yourself and experience the fortune of operating system – “Windows 10“.

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