Search Engine Optimization is the renowned marketing approach that most of business entities are using presently and most are planning to adapt services of professional SEO specialists. Although that’s true that SEO will improve online visibility and enhance audience reach towards the websites or online stores, but the traditional approaches go down day by day.

As an SEO Specialist, we can clearly see this difference and identify that Google has bound the efforts of SEO service providers and moderate SERP results according to different updates.

Now the time has been changed and this profound online marketing technique – SEO, also need to be updated according to Google’s update. Whatever we know will not work efficiently in the coming next years. Although the standards will definitely follow, but in a moderate way and more user friendly nature.

In the coming year 2016, we need to add user experience in our SEO techniques and focus over responsive web designs, that can execute on different devices with the same impact. SEO in 2016 will consider as SXO and lead generation techniques with better local coverage, content marketing and responsive UI.

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Infographic - SEO in 2016