Whatever you think or whatever you want that doesn’t matter when it comes to get visitors and business revenue. Either a software, a web application, a website or a mobile app, whatever you choose just remember to be the perfection and best utility of that.

Since the invention of smartphones, no one assumes what will be happen in next few years. But now, everyone knows the importance of having an Android application or an IOS application for better grip.

IOS or Android

Although that’s a debate topic which one will be preferred – IOS or Android? But here, we give you a glimpse of utilization of these operating systems, which can help you to choose the best operating system for your business.

We are not against anyone as we are the emerging Mobile App Development Company and works well on both operating systems. We have expert teams for both and have a profound background in mobile app development, but still we believe to expose what will be beneficial for small scale, medium scale and large scale businesses.

Consider your product’s ideology and users

First of all make sure for the product specifications and the users who’re going to access it through their smartphones. It is the basis to decide which operating system will be beneficial for the business either IOS or Android.

For an example – if you are going to develop an app for the youth, especially for the students, then the Android operating system should be preferred and if you idealized an app about the services and product display then you must go with the IOS operating system. Why?

Hire mobile app developersThe answer is quite interesting and according to the facts. In the student life everyone pretends to be cool and their earnings limited to the savings or pocket money, even they easily switched to the new device but under their budget. The open source feature of Android makes it more preferable for the mobile companies to design and develop new devices sooner than others Windows, IOS or Blackberry.

On the other side, entrepreneurs want a single device that can match with their status symbol and give them more security along with better features. This requirement fulfilled by the iPhones, iPads and iWatches.

Consider your budget

Another essential factor that decides your operating system for the idealized application is your budget. According to a survey, an iPhone application development generally cost in between $38,000 to $171,000 or more. That’s only because IOS is a private property of Apple and to develop an IOS app, we need to borrow different APIs and certificates, even to develop an app, Mobile app Development Company needs to buy a separate mac mini device that supports IOS SDKs.

While on the other side, Android Applications Development costs around 21% less than IOS applications. That’s because Android is an open source platform and can be utilized through any operating system with a specific configuration. Even most of APIs will work multiple times without spending a single penny.

Consider App store that accessed most

To get more visits and ease of access, you need to identify which store will be beneficial for the application. As the sole purpose of an application is to generate revenue or develop a great belief over businesses, considering most accessible app store will be identical to decide which operating system is better for your business.


While Android Development is cost effective and user friendly there on other side IOS is more secure and valuable, but search impressions clearly show that android development is more searched and resultant query on search engines.

More than that, Google play store for Android applications is more utilized in comparing to Apple store even searching, storing and displaying an app is much easier for Google Play Store, which enhance its utility and preference.


IOS or Android – whatever operating system you plan to choose for your business app, make sure of the utility, ease of access and cost effectiveness of it. Be honored by the application not by the ideology, so choose to commit Mobile App Development Company rather a freelancer, who can assure you for the deadlines, performances, support and customization, on-demand.