All predictions were ended up about the newly added member in Android family – Android M, with the final announcement done by Google last month. Everyone predicts “M” according to their perception and reaches as far as they can, but Google ruined their dreams and named this version as Marshmallow.

Predictions were started from the beginning, when Google announced their new Android version at its annual I/O developer conference on May 28, 2015 and people predicts its name as Milkshake after recognizing a milkshake icon on the watch of David Burke, vice president of engineering at Google, who was taking that conference.

But now it is very clear that Android M is stands for Android Marshmallow not milkshake, muffin, moon pie, mousse, and our favorite Melody. Google unveiled the name of Android M by unveiling Android lawn Sculpture outside its headquarters as they have previously done. This is a quite interesting way to unveil the version name and spark an excitement amongst the crowd.

According to the CEO of Google, SUNDAR PICHAI, Android M is not about the new look or just a good performance, but it is more concentrated over the stability and utility of the platform which tends towards the quality of the operating system.

With the announcement of its version name, Google also revealed its unique features that can make an Android device more precious. Let us check out the Marshmallow features:

Android M developer Preview

App Permission

Along with the new Android version, Google allows its users to decide what features or functions will be used by an application. This feature gives them a freedom to bound applications from accessing unwanted functions and keep the performance flawless. This is quite a great way to make their users feel good and enhance the quality of the operating system.

App Permission

For example, after implementing new version in your corresponding android device, this feature automatically enables, and when you try to send a voice note via “WhatsApp”, a pop-up will appear with a message to grant permission for using a microphone, isn’t it cool.

So, be free from the beep sound which is generally buzzed during “WhatsApp” chat and enjoy this feature with Android M.

Web Experience: Custom Chrome Tabs

With Android M, users will get a new web experience as Google extends their chrome tab into a custom tab feature. Custom tab feature allows you to access a web link that appears in the app without switching your windows. Which means the headache of switching windows from app to browser will be removed and you can access your applications in a flawless manner.

App Linking

This is the function that works behind the linking of an app to the browser for making your experience much better than ever. This app linking feature that Google embedded in its latest Android version – Android Marshmallow, allows a user to access a link within the same applications.

For example, if you want to access or login to a particular application via your twitter or Facebook account, you need to grant permissions for that. While previously with older versions, the user needs to switch between application and browser, now with app linking feature this will be accessed in the same application.

Android Pay

When everything is improved, then why we are still using stone-age payment system. It is not a cool stuff at all, and it is not safe as well. Most of the hacking tactics are generally done at the stage when a user clicks on submit. But with Android M, there is nothing to worry about that. With the latest Android Pay feature, users can transfer their funds without any hurdle.

Android Pay

The inbuilt feature of Android Pay will allow your payments and fund transfers using near-field communication (NFC) and host card emulation techniques, which hides your original card details and appears a virtual card details for everyone.

So, unlock your device, keep it near to an NFC terminal and rest will be done automatically.

Fingerprint Support

Security in terms of biometric identification can be done through Android M. This operating system supports fingerprint recognition for tap-to-pay, device unlocks and for Play store purchase.

Power Management

Power Management is the biggest drawback of smart phones, especially in Android devices. Whatever configuration and battery power you choose, you will surely feel low backup or stand-by in the near future. That is because system always works through different apps and functions, which consumes a lot of power and makes your phone battery down soon. But Android M comes with a new power management feature known as Doze.

Doze power management feature will manage those applications optimally and shuts down applications, if they are not in use for a long time span. Let us enjoy more power backup during whole day utilization of Android M through amazing power management feature – Doze.

Hold your hands and cross your fingers for the Android Marshmallow’s public version, which will be released soon, and try to engage your targeted audience by making some amazing applications for Android M.

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