Google always comes up with a new update to limit spammers and adore users with more accurate search results. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and Mobilegeddon are becoming obsolete now, as it has announced its new search algorithm update named – “RankBrain“.


What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a machine learning system developed by Google to interpret search queries more accurately. Google’s artificial intelligence system automatically recognize a user’s preference and provide best suited solutions (results) to them.

Previously this was operated by Google’s Engineers, but as the limitation of human brain, they only solve 70% queries accurately, whereas RankBrain reached to 80% without any doubt.

How it works?

According to Google’s stat, the most preferable search engine, executes around more than 3 billion search queries every day and 15% of them are unique or fresh queries. Although human brain operated them very well, but they limit somewhere, which caused for a bad user experience.

While RankBrain identifies those unique searches separately and find out their synonyms from its database. Which makes it more concentrate and accurate.

According to Google, RankBrain works on artificial intelligence and its learning property makes it more comfortable and result oriented. As it can develop unique codes each time to recognize unique searches and can modify, update or recode according to its need.

Why RankBrain?

In the past few time span, Google has scrolled under several changes, especially frequent big things done in this meantime. Matt cuts is no more a public face for operations, Sundar Pichai becomes CEO of GOOGLE, Google shadowed under Alphabet and different level one updates – Hummingbird, Pigeon and Mobilegeddon.

RankBrain is a third most awaited update from Google that directly impacts on the search results and plays a vital role in ranking factors. Although it is more likely “query processor” who can inhale different methods of searching and develop unique algorithms to provide more accurate results to the users.

While with the human based search algorithm, Google sometimes gets confused to some different search queries and provides irrelevant results which may cause worse experience. Typical algorithm isn’t appropriate to set relationship in between several relative nouns or other words likely:

“Iced tea, Dissolved Sugar, Glass”

For the above search query, current searching algorithm completely fails and provide more irrelevant results from chemistry, arts, etc. whereas RankBrain passes with better results. As its machine learning mechanism makes it more accurate, it learnt from other queries rather from humans. If learns, creates, and executes a different algorithm to identify relationships in between different words or phrases.

What about the fortune of SEO?

According to different experts around the globe, RankBrain is a variant of previous search update “Hummingbird”. Some of them even believes that Google wants to prove its statement that “SEO is dead”, but according to Gary Illyes, this is just another variation of search algorithm and SEO still works well.

So, hope for the better not for the worst and keep doing your efforts!


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