PHP is a well known and preferable open-source platform, that is being used in several small to large scale organizations. It has been developed by an enthusiastic inventor or can say technology geek, Rasmus Lerdorf.

Laravel Web Application Framework

Rasmus has developed a free of cost open-source development tool that can be used by anyone without any license or obligation. At the time of origin, it was called as “Personal Home Page Tool”, but now with a lot of changes it has been called as “Preprocessor Hypertext Programming Tool”.

Companies prefer to utilize PHP frameworks to design and develop amazing applications, portals and even static to dynamic websites due to its ease, flexibility and scalability feature. PHP webmasters always try to compact the use of PHP frameworks by preparing a newer version with more ease, better flexibility and higher scalability.

Highlights of PHP Framework:

With a customer oriented approach, Rasmus provides his invention to the public. For the last 21 years, everyone continuously adopting PHP in his routine virtual life and develops their most promising dream into a reality. Well, open-source isn’t an only reason behind adoption of PHP, there is a lot to reveal, such as:

  1. Flexibility – PHP offers “code flexibility” which can be shown in versatile use of PHP from server side applications to desktop applications.
  2. Scalability – PHP allows a developer to develop scalable code for future prospects. Even its structured model helps them to develop and moderate their codes time to time for more features and beta versions.
  3. Ease of code – Prebuild classes and syntax help a developer to develop amazing applications with proper functionality. This ease of code feature makes it more preferable and performing.

Frameworks of PHP:

Continual revolution in coding, syntax and pre-define classes, appears as a newer framework even with more specified versions every time. With a foundation of Rusmus’s PHP, different geeks come up with an updated PHP framework, some well known and recognized PHP frameworks are listed below:

  • Symphony Framework
  • Laravel Framework
  • Yii Framework
  • Zend Framework
  • CakePHP Framework
  • CodeIgnitor Framework
  • Phalcon Framework

Laravel Application Development

The most preferable and recommended PHP Framework in the current era is “Laravel Web Application Framework“, which was designed and developed by Taylor Otwell.

Laravel web application framework awarded for the best PHP Framework due to its simplest and expensive writing code syntax and fast development feature. Laravel consists all major features of PHP like – flexibility, scalability and ease, but enhance them with more accuracy.

Laravel application development accompanies a rich set of features. Utilizing the asset controllers, CRUD procedure is exceptionally simple. The expressive ORM helps in cooperating with the databases. Each model created in the MVC structure connects to a table in the database.

What Laravel offers:

As we have already discussed about Laravel and PHP frameworks, we know that Laravel is the most recommended framework in 2015. It has a simple query syntax feature, CRUD Procedure, MVC Architectural support and a lot for expert Laravel developers.

Features of Laravel Web Application Framework

Let’s explore extensive features of Laravel Web Application Framework listed beneath:

  • Fast Development due to Easy bundle use
  • Inbuilt Features
  • RESTful resource controllers
  • Regimented Coding
  • Remarkable Migration System
  • Unit Testing that detect and prevent regressions
  • Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping)
  • Class auto loading
  • Powerful and brilliant accessibility
  • IoC container
  • Reverse routing
  • Automatic pagination