“NOTO Solutions” has evolved its appearance and come up with great features, amazing look and sound Logomark.

Over the past 10 years, “NOTO Solutions” has evolved its working approach, but now this evolution has done in the branding from logo to better UI. Yes! NOTO Solutions has transformed its identity and adopt a newer appearance.

So, what’s new in NOTO Solutions? The ISO 9001;2008 certified company, who worked for other’s identity, has evolved its branding and adopt more appealing LOGOmark for the company. The evolution, from vibrant orange, green and blue colors to eye-soothing dark maroon and black, reveals the experience and patience; company achieved over the time.

Along with color evolution, company has transformed the font styling and formatting into more appealing versions with the same tag-line. Clear vision, ease of use approach and transparency is the forefront feature, they get through this makeover.

Evolution@NOTO Solutions

In-depth detail, the company has revealed their vision behind this makeover. According to the company representative, “Company has grown its root in the past 10 years with the same brand presence, but now time has changed. We think to evolve and come up with a newer appearance and see, we got it. We have a new LOGOmark, more appealing UI and better context, everything that helps us to grow more.”

This statement clears their vision and futuristic approach and makes us to assume company’s upward performance in the near future. Our assumption comes to rigidness when we reached to another source’s revelation, “What else we get in this makeover – a complete newer appearance that enriches the user experience and make them feel comfortable while navigating, reaching and connecting with the features, we have.

Get ready for the great services and amazing approach that NOTO Solutions commit to provide along with their all new appearance.