Current year 2016 seems to be tough for SEO Specialists as Google already has tightened up its search algorithm by adapting machine learning system. Recently google has announced a real time version of its core update – Penguin. Keep reading the details of Penguin 4.0 and certain tips to remain unaffected from it.

Google’s base algorithm for spam and paid links – “Penguin” always comes up with a huge change in the search results. Previously, in the Penguin 3.0, almost 1% English searches were affected and several websites were penalized due to bad valued and spammed links.


In the meantime of three consecutive years, Google has released 6 updates of Penguin and each time it shows a huge variation in the search results. Recently, Gary Illyes (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google), confirms the next Penguin update – Penguin 4.0. As per his confirmation, Google planned to release it before the end of 2015, but as I hope, it’s 2016 and I still looking for the detailed update.

What comes up with Penguin 4.0?

Well, we all know that penguin is the base algorithm of Google, designed specially to penalize websites associated with spam or paid links. Google created it in 2012, due to an increased number of spammers who tried tricky ways to get ranked in search results.

Penguin always sticks hard for the spammers and with each update it becomes harder. As an SEO specialist, we understand that identification of Penguin penalty is tough, but the recovery from penguin penalty is tougher.

Well, Google also understands it thus the upcoming Penguin update will be “real time version” (it’s expected). Which means that whenever Google bot determines or identified a rejected, penalized or removed link, it will be detected by the real-time Penguin algorithm. By this approach, site owners can either recover from a penalty or can end-up with it instantly.

Google Penguin 4.0

More or less, this real-time Penguin update will be iconic or beneficial as it comes up with quick recovery.

Tips to remain unaffected!

Remember “precaution is better than cure”, so be prepared before the final release of real-time Penguin. Here, we emphasize the tips to remain unaffected:

Tip#1 Avoid making Google Fool

Google is enough intelligent and its machine learning system has already proved it. Google tightens up its belt to penalize spammers and its new update will lead the way in 2016. To avoid Penguin penalty and remain unaffected, just avoid fooling Google by adapting violating tactics such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, paid links, thin content, spamming and piracy.

Tip#2 Restrict unusual linking efforts

To remain unaffected, restrict unusual linking efforts such as getting links through irrelevant niche and link networks. Google has already announced that guest blogging isn’t effective and making a link graph isn’t worthy for search result visibility. This act will consider as a violation and will penalize through the real-time penguin update.

Tip#3 Allocate Anchors wisely

Anchor texts always refer to the best tactic in SEO and they can easily identify as spammy links too. Even no one can explain the exact density of anchor texts to be used, but try to allocate them wisely. As per SEO standards, never bound them into exact match phrases. Always try to allocate generic terms along with branded, semi-branded and long tail phrases with a certain ratio.

Tip#4 Idealize content for users with perfect density

Content plays a vital role in the authorization of a website and it helps a website to not be covered under Penguin or Panda penalty. Write idealized content that helps a user and search engine altogether, and avoid linking it with multiple websites. For better visibility, easy crawling and quick identification for a particular phrase, use standardized keyword density. Interlinking is more suitable than merging with outbound sites.

Tip#5 Track records, avoid paid links and use relevancy

To remain unaffected, track your analytics and webmasters regularly.

Instant rise in links directly trolls you to the penalty, so keep your website updated and check outbound and inbound links on a regular basis. This approach will make you awake from quick spikes and also helps to take the right step before being penalized. Even avoid paying for links and getting irrelevant links from different websites.


2016 will be tough for SEO consultants and webmasters as Google comes up with a lot of changes – Panda 4.2, Mobilegeddon and the latest one RankBrain along with several minor updates. Even Pigeon also affects the local results in this year as it was rolled out on Dec. 22, 2014. So, be ready to face the real-time version of Penguin 4.0 and follow given tips to remain unaffected from it.

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