One of the finest and well known technologies – HTML, is in the use from decades and continuously growing day by day. From the day of origin, several revolutions have made in the base code of HTML and come up with a newer version such as HTML2, HTML4 and HTML5.

The latest version HTML5, released in 2009, incorporates CSS3 and JavaScript functionality to give an amazing UI experience to the users as well as to the developers. With a lot of unique and updated features, it has been used for the mobile app development, along with the web application development.

According to a survey, the use of HTML5 designs based browsers was 109 million in the year 2010, which has been reached at 2.1 billion in the current year 2016 and expected to reach at 5.5 billion in the upcoming year 2020. This stat clearly revealed the rapid growth of HTML5 and make us believe that we have lot to design and develop in HTML5 in the upcoming years.

For a better understanding and more details, check out the graphical representation – “Infographic about HTML5 : Things to know!” attached beneath –