Social media network becomes an essential part of the business growth and their marketing strategies. It enhances the efforts and direct reach towards potential audience, who can be converted soon. Rather wasting time and money on different channels, business entities moving forward by adopting digital marketing for social media channels to promote their products online and their features like- hashtag.

Hashtag concept in Social Media

Due to several mergers, acquisitions and tie-ups by top brands, especially by social media backbones such as Google and Facebook, industry gets new trends and marketing features in most popular social platforms. One of the most popular & effective feature that’s on boom and enough worthful is #hashtag, which is mainly adopted by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – most popular social media networks that cover 70% online market reach.

#Hashtag refers to what?

A text with a prefix sign of hash (#) simply shows the importance of that word. It acts like a label or metadata tag, which can help to search a particular post, blog or message more efficiently.

For example– A user posts a status on #Facebook – Try to build more effective and stylish selfies or groupies by using #photosharing apps”. In this post, user tag photo sharing with a prefix hashtag. Through this user simply create a metadata tag for that post, which shows it for all searches relevant to photo sharing on Facebook.

Apart from social media, hashtag can be used on micro blogging sites, classifieds and forums to tag a particular word or a phrase (obviously unspaced). Just like social networks, it acts as a search term, highlighter, category or tag to make it searchable on micro blogs.

#Hashtags on Social Media

The concept of hashtag has been adopted by several social media platforms along with several popular micro blog sites such as- tumble, reddit, etc. Not from their origin, but after a period, most of them adopted it. It enhance the efforts in Digital Marketing and promotions with an assurance of results. Let’s check out a few major social networks beneath, who’re using this concept:

#Twitter Hashtag

Twitter second most popular social network, where users can only share their thoughts in a fixed limit of 140 characters. How can you fix your thoughts or a statement in such limit and think to get popular? The answer is by using #hashtag.

twitter HashTag

Hashtag makes a post searchable for that particular label or tag and show your impression on search results. Which directly or indirectly, improve your popularity on such social networks. Twitter solely adopts this concept and shows most popular hashtag results on the side of its home page.

#Instagram Hashtag

Instagram leading image sharing site, adopt hashtag concept to categorize title, tags or complement photos shared by anyone. Even, it helps to identify accounts and users to get followed easily.

#Pinterest Hashtag

Pinterest also helps a user by adding hashtag concept to tag a pin, key phrase or word in a description or title. Through a hashtag in a description, user can reach to the list of similar posts, descriptions, users, boards and pins as well.

#Facebook Hashtag

Facebook, leading social network, recently included hashtag concept in June, 2013. By adding hashtag in posts or status, Facebook allows a user to search similar posts or include a post into similar category. Just like other networks, Facebook #hashtag search prepared a global list of similar posts, users and notes too.

Facebook Hashtag

Apart from #hashtag, Facebook allows their users to tag a page or user in their posts by adding a prefix @at sign. Which helps to identify a particular business, group, person or brand available on Facebook.

#Hashtag Conclusion

Enabling the search feature on social networks will definitely help a user to reach out most relevant topics and posts. Other than that it improves impressions and user reach to a particular post by adding #hashtag to it. So, make it essential for your promotions to add a #hashtag on major keywords for better search appearance.

Take a look at the infographics of Hashtag beneath

hashtag infographics