2017 was a revolution in the App development market. It is one year that has witnessed it all, from technical advancement to launch of amazing devices/technology to evolution in development trends. While talking of iOS, Apple showcased two latest devices dubbed iPhone8 (Plus) and iPhone X in the mobile world. Apple also provided major updates on iOS 11, while intensively working on improvising their technical support. With emerging new trends, the development community too picked up new ways to give users awe-inspiring development works. iOS development too has taken a wide leap, every iOS app development company is now focusing on blending technology to the new trends and creating something which is futuristic as well as robust. In this all continuous emergence and elimination of trends, here we are listing a set of trends that are here to stay and rule the mobile app development market for a long time.

Augmented Reality
One of the most talked-about feature of iOS 11 was the support it landed to Augmented Reality Applications. With the launch of iOS 11, Amazon too announced the Sumerian App Platform that was not only just compatible with Apples ARKit but also supporting iOS Application Developers to build a mobile app for iPhone and iPad with 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality support.
The convergence of high-rated technology into the smartphone market led to rising in the bulk investments by big corporates. The investment equipped the frameworks that facilitated the development of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality Applications.

Core Machine Learning
Not only the launch of Augmented Reality was a global-talk but the introduction of Machine Learning system called Core ML created a big buzz inside the Mobile Application development market. Apple set the most awaited trend of using of machine learning into iPhone apps such as Siri, Camera, Quick Type etc. A lot of exploration work is going on, iOS developers around the world are experimenting and formulating new ways to enjoy the abilities of Machine Learning in iOS Applications. Plus, it is extremely easy to integrate machine learning for an app developer, during the process of Mobile Application Development, a developer only needs to include a few codes alongside the system code and the task is done.

The best thing about an integration of Machine Learning is the enhanced security and better game development resources. The Core ML has computer vision skills for recognizing faces, AI game development and natural language processing, which allows it to leverage security into the apps that require face recognition, voice recognition etc for high functionality tasks. It enables iOS developers to enhance the level of iPhone gaming apps, ease in integrating AI helps them cater better gaming experience to gamers.

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Swift is a fast-growing programming language introduced by Apple, within no time it has managed to get on the list of developers favorites around the iOS developer community. The increasing popularity of the platform is due to its immense robustness and adaptability, the framework is advanced and futuristic. It is one of those platforms that provide faster and secure development of Applications but in a much more efficient way. Swift is quite new and only an expert iOS developer can be trusted with the language, while willing to get an efficient and fast iOS app development, you must hire an iPhone App developer with extensive knowledge and expertise in the platform.

Apple HomeKit
Apple HomeKit is a home automation system designed to channelize seamless communication within the smart gadgets at home.The technology is being received well amongst the designers. In the process of communication, you can utilise Siri for commanding your smart home through iPhone. It is one trend that has caught the attention from engineers to developers to designers, and 2018 is promising the boom of the trend.

AI and Contextual Learning for Siri
Siri has drastically changed the way we used our iPhones, here adding to our amazement Siri will now also be acting as our very own task manager to help us get along better with our mobile applications. With the entry of AI and contextual learning in the market Siri is now all set to use GPS Codes and QR Codes while sending messages and interacting with other applications on a smartphone.

Apple Pay
Digital wallets and e-payments are the future, Apple following the suit has launched its very owne-wallet Application Apple Pay. Adopting the trend Apple has efficiently changed the way iPhone users carried out their usual payment habits. The apps help them book tickets for events, movies, airlines while catering advance services alongside such as online money transfers. e-Commerce is likely to see increased usage of Apple Pay in online shopping, leading towards making a cashless society.

File Management
Another amazing feature in the iOS 11 update was the file administration app called Files. Here it is an application that allows users to efficiently manage all your cloud activities and files on a single dashboard, for an example you might have a file in GDrive or in Dropbox, which can be managed through Files app on a primary dashboard. That is, it allows you to access applications from a single location.


Technology is an ever-changing entity and you are ought to keep up with its pace rather than expecting other way around. Increased usage of technology has led to an economic boom in market, new frameworks have emerged along with platforms that support that high-rated technology. and not only have you been affected by it, but the consumer has evolved to and expecting apps with AR, VR, AI etc. Keeping up with all the technological explosion is highly difficult, but thoughtfully utilising it and manipulating it in a way that can benefit your business is highly advantageous. Since 2017 iOS App Development was a new dawn in the world of technology, 2018 is to maintain the same values and continue to expand. Thus, keep a close eye on the trends, smartly utilise them for your business profits, and see the magic happen right in front of your eyes.