If you are a developer and reading the article, Python Development Language is not something new for you. Rather it is something that is highly recognized and popular amongst Python web development community. Python is a fast-growing programming language that is heavily trusted for creating dynamic websites and web applications. It is available on commonly used platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is multi-utility language that has left its mark in globally- renowned companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, NASA etc.

Initially started out as a Language for general purpose programming, while today it has expanded its territory and become an integral part in various statures of robotics, science, and technology, development of hard-core software, with frameworks such as QT to provide cross-platform support. The reason behind the popularity of Python Web Development is its excellent built-in library, which makes it so easy to use for web developers. It has a built-in system that translates statements into machine code before execution of the code i.e., you can execute instructions directly without being compiled. It is a language which reduces the works for developers, it requires lesser coding lines than Java and C++, thus by reducing the development time. It is easy to learn a language that requires fewer efforts and time with the ease of less memory consumption when compared to other programming languages.

Python is a fully-loaded language, it has huge resources and frameworks which can be creatively used by a python development company to give you the dynamic development of front and backend of web applications and websites and their contents. It has a huge community and following to guide you through development difficulties.
Being such a smooth, resourceful and versatile development platform, it was expected of Python to gain popularity and drag attention in the development community. Some of its top frameworks are:

Web.py Framework
Simple yet powerful describes this framework of Python completely. It allows developers to work within a limitless environment. Highly easy to use and comprehensible framework, Web.py enables efficient and skillful system integration. It is easy to learn and portable framework. It gives amazing outcomes with less developing efforts. Thus, it reduces the development task subsequently, as it helps developers to shorten codes.

ObjectWeb Framework
ObjectWeb is for those who seek speed and zero development complexities, it is one framework that does not depend upon third-party libraries. This framework comes with a built-in web development server base, it is built to match CGI and WSGI standards.

Pyramid Framework
It is one of the simplest of Python framework that has an open source model. A pyramid is usually used for creating arbitrary web application development task easy. It is one of the fastest web frameworks, that has a good documentation like Django and based on Zope. It is usually used for bigger and complex applications.

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CherryPY Framework
Although not one of the famous Python frameworks, it is oldest of all. It is not so popular amongst developers because of its inability to connect many people to a multi-tier architecture. It is through an easy to use an object-oriented framework of python. Being an HTTP framework, it is simple, fun and highly stable. It offers a clean interface, and commonly used for development of generic web application like CMS, Blogs, and e-Commerce etc. Also, it is used for web-service applications.

Django Framework
Django is an advanced web framework used for accelerating web development process and used for clean and pragmatic designs. It is a hassle-free web development framework and helps Django developers to focus on the content development heavily. It is an open-source framework that leverages high security.

Bottle Framework
Bottle Framework is a fast and simple micro web-framework. It is lightweight WSGI Framework that is circulated as single file module. A bottle has zero dependency scenario excluding Python Standard Library. It has various app support such as Google App Engine, Python Paste etc., with in-built templates like Cheetah and Mako.

Flask Framework
One of the most extensible Python frameworks, it is a has some flaws like lack of features such as form validation, database abstraction layer. Although it allows developers to implement extensions which helps you to add extra functionality. It is good for newbies, as it is very comprehensible and highly relied on its speed and minimum code structure.

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Turbo Framework
Used extensively for web application development of simple and complex web apps, Turbo is a little difficult framework to master that pays off well. IT has distinct features such as integration with JavaScript library and Mochikit, SQL object and SQL Alchemy Support, multi-database support and many more.

Pylons Framework
It is another Python open source web development framework that gives developers agility of blending great ideas to modern development technologies. This flexible platform offers online debugger that makes finding errors in development easy. Any Django developer with finds it an extremely easy framework to work upon for developing projects with great technical backdrops.

Reahl Framework
Reahl is built to reduce the mess and is known as a web framework fully optimized to give pure Python development with all the web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS hidden away. You can write the whole programme with Python, which makes your task easy as compared to others.

Python web development is a highly trusted Development Language used for secure, fast and agile web application development. It is one of the best available and most reliable options to reduce your development time and still get high-end and robust web application and website. You can hire python developers and take their consult on your project for better guidance on your next web project. It has huge resources and frameworks, which enables you to get the development of your choice and get top-end results.