Going back in flashback, Node.JS 8 was rolled out in market somewhere in May 2017, and as expected it was all about exciting features, updates, optimisation and much more. Not to anyones surprise it was obvious it was going to cross attention of many developers, everyone was excited to know what lies within it and what ease it will bring into the app development process.
The version 8 of Node.JS- codenamed carbon had exclusive features and improvements that re-established the quality standards of apps to hightail while minimizing Node JS developers efforts. This amazing version, in fact, comes with LTS variant that is Long-Term Support, improved performance, exciting features and lot more. Also, this year in April 2018, the Node.JS version 6 will go into maintenance mode.
Node.JS Development, with all these latest releases and updates and maintenance, has shown immense opportunities to the Node JS developer community, the updates made the things quick while cutting-down the delays.

Here are some exciting features of Node.JS V8.0.0.

1. npm 5 Integration
Best thing about Node.JS 8 is that it has been integrated with npm 5 which is the latest version of npm client and that too by default. If you are a developer, you must know what that means- new lockfile features with cross package manager compatibility, no waiting for network connectivity and request for the same, default saving of the work progress, inclusive of checksums. sha512 and sha1 and much more.

2. TurboFan and Ignition
Beings the most sort after update of Node.JS 8, it consumes much less memory and increases the Startup speed remarkably. With the Node.JS 8 release, the V8 javascript engine gets update too. In this latest version, improvisations have been done in the implementation process. It now releases as Full Code Generator while giving up on Crankshaft completely, which has made the task very much easy for the developers.
The amazement is not for the collaboration of the two fantastic teams, rather according to experts, they have been combinedly used for 4 years by every other NodeJS development Company. But the attention the team has hailed on the performance and shortcomings of JavaScript is great. The eviction of Crankshaft and Full-codegen is going to entirely change the face of JavaScript Development for years about to come.

3. N-API Inclusion
Widely preferred to get native addons development done, it is one another amazing thing added on to Nodejs 8. This helps in separating periodic changes lying under JavaScript engine from add-ons for different Node.JS Versions without the need of again and again compilation. Also, it stabilizes Application Binary Interface, meanwhile maintaining the individuality of Node JS Application development.

4. Buffer Improvements
A new and improved Buffer constructor has been added to Nodejs, started of with the security concerns when the then new buffer constructor was staged it did not initialized the default memory space to zero thus by making it vulnerable to information breach. Taken care of the issue, the new Buffer (Number) has a default zero.

5. URL Implementation
Ditching the experimental tag, now WHATWG URL implementation is a full-support Node.js API. Which concludes code files containing URLs now can be shared across node js development environment that too very easily.

6. Console fixes
Major and important changes have been done to prevent silly errors and bugs caused during writing console outputs. Thus, this new NodeJS version has built-in abilities to subdue error events the emerged while using the console methods.


Not only these, other significant changes and add-ons in Node.JS version 8 includes child process methods, string interface removal, domain awareness, variations in a debugger and much more than just that it has improved its already existing mechanism to reduce unwilling development load.
Known for its single thread operations, runner of consecutive function- NodeJS is great for developing scalable networking applications effortlessly and in short time. It is a refined and powerful platform, on which developer community has unflaggingly worked on enhancing performance and security. You will also find many Node js consulting services to give you information and advice on development. Thus calculating all the perks and great features we can say that the latest Node.js 8.0.0 is highly reliable and robust way to change things.