Popular online websites such as LinkedIn, Groupon, PayPal, Uber, Trello, Netflix are some names that have Node.JS as their Backend Technology. According to a survey conducted by Node.js Foundation, around 98% of Fortune 500 Companies use Node.JS due to its amazing development properties in their regular development work.

Given the todays commercial environment, it is important for businesses to react quickly to the new trends that arise time to time. In this scenario, businesses are ought to find application frameworks that give them quick development which is efficient and helps in promotion of their apps in lesser time.

Quickly becoming a go-to-technology, the powerful framework runs on JavaScript which is the most commonly utilised language of all times. It has an event-driven, non-blocking I/O Model which makes it very efficient. It is light-weight and has package ecosystem, npm, also it is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries. About having every quality that makes it a perfect framework for quicker, efficient and easy development tool, it has in very short span outgrown itself into a developers favorite framework for Application development.
Lesser Time to Market

Node.JS runs on V8 engine developed by Google that uses JavaScript into native machine code. It also reduces a developers efforts by using a single thread, which is the event loop. The single thread helps in asynchronous I/O operations.

The prime benefits of all the above-mentioned features result in reduced time in performing actions such as reading and writing of database, network connections or file system. One big example of it is PayPal, following the suite the application was levied development advantages from the frameworks Modular design, cross-organizational collaboration and very less coding lines. Node.JS development thus ensures a customer a well-functioning application that takes care of their every requirement.

High-end ecosystem
With its rocking modular design, it provides a Node.JS Development Company an excellent ecosystem for developers to build feature-rich applications. it uses its ecosystem to create a pattern out of the front-end JavaScript Development and low-level system programming, for enabling server-side development.
npm- JavaScript package manager, manages packages for Node.JS and is the biggest package ecosystem. According to some experts such as modulecounts.com it holds apporx 300,000 packages, with recorded addition of 300+ new packages every day.

Modular Design
Node.JS Development takes 33% lesser line of codes as compared to any other framework, which reduces development efforts of a developer phenomenally. It handles twice the number of request per second and reduces the application response time, when compared to any other any other Java Framework the response time is reduces by 35%.
For a long time, Java Application development frameworks have been in trend to develop large Monolithic Applications, for example Nodejs was utilised to transform the PayPal Monolithic Application environment. Developers and business owners are now inclined towards service-oriented architectures for building softwares that take on the dynamic business environment.

All you need to know about Node.JS V8.0.0

Cost-effective Operations
Leveraging Node.JS development Services can help you go easy on your pocket, Node.JS needs lesser computing power for hosting applications which is what has made it so to-go-to framework. On comparing it with other Java Frameworks, conventional Java Installation will take up to 64GB of RAM and 32 Cores while on the same hardware minimum 32 instances of Node.JS can be run. Also, it reduces labour costs as it build application swift and rapid.

Enables you to build real-time web applications
Node.JS is an effective toolset when it comes to building real-time applications such as Gaming and Social Networking Apps. Having benefits of using JavaScript on frontend and backend of application, it helps in rapid and efficient synchronisation. To check the same, you can user WebSocket used to maintain the app performance in times of surge in traffic.

Monitor Dashboards
Applications built by Node.JS Development Company come with highly user-friendly system dashboards, which provide real time information on visitors and visualizations. They come with analytics tools that provide them information on visitors activities on their app and the features they prefer the most.


Node.JS is an intellectual framework that comes with high-end toolset to build robust and high-performing server-side of web application. It uses JavaScript that is one of the most popular development framework, it is easy to use the framework that gives result-oriented development in lesser time than any other framework. It is great to build efficient and well synchronized application onto it.