While there are countless articles rolling daily on web debating on the choice in between React and Angular JS web Development qualities, here we are to presenting our point of view by precisely evaluating both JavaScript based Frameworks.

On the broader note, both are amazing and easy to use highly potent frameworks that are widely used to build web applications and mobile application. However, there is a blurry line between the two frameworks that changes everything. Lets, do a quick analysis of basics of the framework:

While ReactJS is owned and maintained by Facebook, Angular JS is backed with a globally trusted name as Google. Moreover, both the frameworks are resourceful while being extremely easy to learn and use with great capabilities to build cutting-edge web and mobile applications. Despite of being highly alike each other they have their differences too.

Before we debate and jump off to compare the two frameworks lets talk about what is common in both the frameworks that will help us extremely to understand the functionality of the two frameworks.

Reliable& Flexible
Using JavaScript in both the cases, both the frameworks are highly trusted and reliable to the developers community. ReactJS and Angular JS both use JavaScript (ES5 and ES6) as their fundamental script. On further note, it is no news that JavaScript is the king of development syntax, one of the most trusted languages it renders both flexibility and extensibility to the two frameworks.

Frontend Support
You cannot skip CSS3 while wanting to get a high-quality profound front-end development. One of the best things about both the frameworks is the immense support they land to CSS3 which opens wide door of opportunities for both ReactJS and AngularJS development Company.
Design, Pattern and Objectivity

Not only the two frameworks share the similarities in the use of the languages as JavaScript, HTML5 (used for similar application), CSS3, but on the design end too they follow same parameters such as Singletons, Composability, Pure Functions, Immutability, Inheritance and many more.

Advantages of angling with AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source web application development framework that is widely used for front-end development of web and mobile application development. It is maintained by Google and has a great community support and following that regularly addresses and resolves the challenges of building single-page applications.

Angular JS has a unique quality of providing significant opinions and functionalities that makes it an out of the box framework. These qualities make it very much easier for neophytes that have just started to use the framework, also it is easy to switch between developers in a team of many developers. It is a practical chose for a new developer or a team of many developers.

AngularJS 2 is a platform now, it is widely appreciated by developers community as you can easily use its components with other frameworks. Also, for extending the functionality, you can simply implement it in form of components that extends the existing component functionality.

You are liberated to choose between your favorite developing environments while using Angular JS for Web Development Services. Some of the most commonly used by developers are TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Dart or HTML or pre-processors like Jade.

Angular JS was built to create easy tests for testing Applications. Thus, the ease of testing adds another point to choose Angular JS.

10 Reasons to consider AngularJS for Web Development Services

Advantages of ReactJS Development

React JS is a JavaScript library that is used in computing and for building user interfaces, it is build and maintained by Facebook, and has a large community support maintains it including developers and corporations. Also, contributing in the maintenance of the Framework is Instagram.

SEO Friendly
When talking about JavaScript frameworks, each one of them contributes highly in SEO based activities and of which ReactJS is the king. ReactJS can be run of the server, the virtual DOM renders to a regular web page and thus reduces a heck of time and efforts of an SEO professional.

Easy Code Compiling
ReactJS uses JSX which like HTML is another language that is used for converting codes into JavaScript. The thing that makes it easy is JSX, Codes and markups are composed in a singular file, which makes it a lot easier for a developer while completion of the code. A developer has to type the references to the component and functions and variables and voila! The work is done.

ReactJS Native has a converging focus on creating great functionality and responsive user-interfaces. The JavaScript helps in interaction between ReactJS Native and Native environment to give a highly responsive user interface of mobile and web applications by reducing the application load time and smooth and seamless navigation.

One of the developers favorite feature is that it creates its own virtual DOM to keep the components. This feature serves a helping hand to the developers and leverages great flexibility and high-performance to projects as react evaluates that changes that are made in Virtual DOM and updates the DOM-trees accordingly in advance. It also helps in avoiding the cost of the hefty and costly updates.


Wrapping up our discussion, the above debate was all about acknowledging you of the different functions and qualities the two amazingly potent and globally appreciated frameworks: React JS and AngularJS Web Development.

While both the frameworks work amazingly well, if you are looking for a generic web development services, both the frameworks are good to go. However, ReactJS is SEO friendly, and much more likely to meet your requirements such as real time analysis and counterfeiting heavy traffic. Whilst AngularJS offers easy and amazing development with a reliable and impeccable record. Also, it has unmatchable quality such as test coding which helps a lot in mobile application development.
On the end note, it highly depends on your project requirements and you should thoroughly evaluate each aspect of the two frameworks. Both the frameworks are highly efficient and most sought after by developers with great community support. Thus, weigh your needs and make your way to the top-end.