It is a continuous topic of debate amongst startups or and business organizations to choose between websites and mobile application development. However, taking an expert vote on the topic we found out both play a very important role for a business to thrive and grow in the global skyline.
Furthermore, it is also an undeniable fact that with each passing day the web traffic mobile devices such as smartphones ad tablets increase substantially. In today’s scenario, the web traffic rendered from tablets and smartphones is around 25%, clearly, consumer growth has been radically fired up with the increased growth of mobile and tablet users. Also, a significant research showed the expected mobile app market revenue by the year 2020 will be $189 Billion US dollars.

Aspects of Mobile App Development

For decade websites ruled the world of web, and now Mobile Apps have seemed to succeed them. Mobile App Development no longer being an alien term to you, is a technique to build software for mobile devices that developing of mobile applications on mobile platforms is called Mobile App development.

The best benefit of mobile application development is that of its increasing number of users, almost 90% of the population is mobile user and 70% of them are Smartphone users. With given data, it becomes very easy as well as very challenging for organizations to get a mobile solution that help them expand in their business territory. Many marketers supporting Mobile Application Development find it as an easier way communicate with their customers, it is one of the best marketing tools that is inventive, an informant and makes enterprises very much approachable.

Every day hundreds of app come into the market, also it is a growing trend of getting Enterprise Mobile Application that allow a business to run efficiently by providing various functionality to their employees. Thus, Mobile Applications are not just something fun but are a part of something as significant as management and marketing.

Diverse Platform, Diverse Consumer Behaviours and Diverse Development Languages

The world of web is highly dynamic and especially enigmatic. Dynamic in sense of ever-growing and ever-changing and enigmatic because where on one hand it has unified the world completely on looking closely there are a lot heterogeneity in the use of platform, preferences, budget and more overreach.

While taking Mobile application development in an account, Android and iPhone App development are the two larger groups of the whole. iOS, Windows, and Android are the three most widely used platforms of the world. For developing mobile applications there are many different languages that are available depending upon the mobile platform that you choose. For example, Object-C and Swift whereas Android runs on Java. However, the technology as always has come to rescue. Despite of the differences, there are technologies available that allow you to access the benefits of both the platform from a single development. You see there are two type of Mobile App development, Native and Hybrid App development. Native apps are those that are built for a significant platform, and hybrid is the cross-platform mobile application development that allows you to take benefits of multiple platforms. Technologies such as React Native and Xamarin are native and hybrid mobile app development technologies that allow you to build applications for platforms such as android, iOS, windows from a single codebase.

Business Benefits of Mobile Application development

Marketing On-the-Go

On closely inspecting the consumer behavior you will make out that basically, it is all about accessibility to the customers. Mobile Applications allow your customers to approach your enterprise in the better manner with the perks of no time limitations. You can use Mobile applications as an on the go marketing toolset to enhance your enterprise brand value and reinforcement of you brand at the time of purchasing.

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Future Marketing Trend

Even if you ignore all the perks and benefits of mobile app development, it is will soon dawn upon you as a trend and you will have to go with the flow. Android and iOS Application development are a trend now, as for enterprise it is better sooner than later as you might get first mover advantages.

Increase More Sales

For any business it is highly important to generate sales and revenue, after all thats what the idea is. Mobile Applications are one of the most effective ways voted by sales managers to get prolonging and increased sales results. Mobile applications are the best way to increase consumers accessibility and approachability. Also, they are the best way to grow new business roots and increasing brand awareness.

Act as Social Platform

Social Networking sites help a business get tremendous momentum they help a business get social and capture people on social platforms. Mobile Apps have thus made it possible to use social media platforms for triggering micro interactions such as sharing, commenting, and liking of the products and services leveraging greater benefits. Thus, Mobile Application development helps you enrich your connectivity while becoming an integral part of business strategies.

Improved Services

Mobile applications allow you to increase your sales that is for sure, but the connection between the enterprise serves an enterprise two-way. Mobile applications are an amazing way to improvise your customer relationship by being a platform of interaction and iteration. Plus, it drastically replaces the old and non-efficient ways of sales order and purchase, it allows you to manage your inventory on the go and also your customers to check on the product progress, helping your enterprise big time in improvising your sales and services.

On the end note

It is an undeniable fact that mobile applications will be one of the most common marketing options in the coming times. Given the cut-throat competition, they have swept into the life of many business verticals efficiently. Although, the market still is arguing hard on the topic of websites and mobile applications which is better, but that is another debate. For now, we can say Mobile Applications are a trend that are here to stay and that too for long.