Java is one of the most widely used development language, highly preferred by developers to develop scalable apps for mobile and other devices.
NodeJS, which is a comparatively new development platform is an unavoidable part of discussion while talking about Java development ecosystem.

Node.JS is an open source environment which uses JavaScript to write its code. It is used to build real-time applications such as chat, IoT products, games, messaging apps, single page applications, classic web pages, streaming data apps, web dashboards and API etc. It is a backend development technology which lends great support to server -side of an application. The reason behind the popularity of NodeJS application development is 70% of app development is done on JavaScript and NodeJS which comes with its own APIs for back-end development have developers give a unified app experience throughout an application. Since Node.JS uses JavaScript to execute its code, it makes it much easier for developers to weave frontend and backend of an app efficiently. Other features such as fine package manager, NPM, and other features contribute in developing apps much faster on Node.
Here are some tips to hire Node JS developers that will help you get efficient and reliable node JS development services.

What are you looking for exactly?

Node JS is a comparatively new framework, on an average, you will find developers with experience of 2-3 years, which is fine given Node JS application development only gained hype in past few years. basically, you are looking for hiring JS developer who has little or extensive knowledge of writing both client-side and servers side of an application.

The most dreadful thing about it is its community support, node.js community support provides numerous NPM, modules and code packages which a developer can just copy paste in your app. Thus, it is very likely that you will encounter a non-experienced and an unskillful developer while hunting to hire node JS developer.
For efficient Node JS application development, you are looking for someone that has a good understanding of the whole JavaScript environment, systems and processes work, integrating modules efficiently, debugging and so on. Also, it would be an advantage to get your hands on developer with experience of using Node,JS in production before with some know-how knowledge of sharing useful modules, packages, code to the ecosystem.

How to begin the hunt?
To begin your search to hire node JS developer, you can look forward to the node.js platform where you will find job board. There are also hiring webpages available which provide companies and developers a platform to discuss a certain project. Also, websites such as Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer can help you more in your hunt. Also, you can search online and hire a software development company for node js application development.

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Questions to hire a Node.js developer

Web development and mobile app development are serious matters, and there are many questions that you should ask your web and more app developer before jumping into development. Since node JS development is comparatively new, it is likely that there are many things that you and your developer may not know. Thus, you should check your developers knowledge by intervening in his knowledge of developing JavaScript-based applications. Questions such as working of node.js, event-driven programming, a difference between node an Ajax, non-blocking I/O etc are some type of questions that should be asked frequently while looking to hire node js developer.

The cost, rates & salaries
The cost of node JS application development varies from country to country, according to employment generation companies and websites such as Indeed, cost of hiring a NodeJS developer in the US can cost from $78 to $116K per year of an averagely skilled and non-experienced developer, while a skilled and experienced developer can cost you about $200K and much more

While in UK it can cost you about 60,000, while in Germany the cost of node JS development services by an experienced developer can range from 40,000 to 50,000 per year. Similarly, in Australia, you can lavish node JS application development at the rate of $50K to $100K.

While if you are looking forward to hire a node JS developer on hourly bases the minimum cost of hiring in different countries can vary from $20-$45 per hour of a moderate level developer while knowledgeable and skilled freelancers can range from $30-$45 per hour.

While looking forward to having JavaScript based web and mobile app development, Node can prove to a great backend technology. It syncs well with other JavaScript frameworks, while proves great to go with real-time app development while offering developers great agility with strong community support.
The discussion above would thus, be a great help while finding a good node js developer for your web and app development projects.