iBeacon is a Bluetooth-based beacon technology, that refers to identification transmitters broadcasting signals to nearby portable electrical devices. In simple words it is an Apple version of beacon technology that works on Bluetooth low energy devices, that allows you to broadcast and receive data at a short distance.
The technology works in two parts, one which involves a sender device that is a Broadcaster- beacon device and secondly a receiver, a smartphone-mobile application. An iBeacon effortlessly allow you to communicate with a plethora of devices such as electric switches, automobile chips, home automation appliances etc., which helps you a lot in communicating with your world around effortlessly. However, this is also the part which makes it so much difficult to develop than any other mobile app development.

Working of an iBeacon Application

Helping in communicating with the electronic world around iBeacon App Development is much more difficult than building ordinary mobile applications, lets closely inspect its working.

Beacons work a battery that powers the transmitter device to emit continuous or periodical radio wave signals. That allows devices to discover the Beacon and share important information such as small packet data and transmitter ID. It is a one-sided communication and packet data is further used to send push notifications, SMS, app prompts and other functions. However, in advance devices an iBeacon can send and receive data.
What benefits can be drawn out from iBeacon app development for various industries

Fashion Industry
It can help you trigger better brand awareness by sending push notifications to buyer devices that contains detailed ads and information about your fashion retail store.

Warehouse Management
It also can help you track your inventory and identification of products better by giving easy and quick intel on their accurate locations.

Fitness Industry
The BLE sensors allow you to efficiently track the accuracy of sports equipment and metrics.

Health and Medicare
The Bluetooth sensors help you check on everyday patient progress and other health movements and activities efficiently by integrating beacon with mobile apps.

Entertainment and Hospitality
It can help in improvising the entertainment consoles and hotel industry radically by improving and helping them take on their day to day work.

Challenges faced in developing iBeacon apps than other Mobile App Development Activities

iBeacon is an amazing technology, which works wonders when mainstream technology fails to meet the challenge. Take for example a place where GPS network doesnt work, yeah! You got it right we are talking of indoor navigations. And not just that there are many other tasks that are infallibly performed to promote business by iBeacon App development like personalized shopping, payments, proximity marketing etc. Presently with more than a 200 million beacon devices around us, lets start on a new segment to dig iBeacon deeper.
There are many benefits of having an iBeacon but what makes it so much unapproachable to most of the enterprises, lets see the ultimate challenges of developing an iBeacon app.

Variance in Frequency
Devices with varied frequency dont transmit the signals of same strength, which makes it difficult for developers to get pass the fallouts that come along in efficiently transmitting messages to the users, thus affecting the proximity.

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Signal accuracy
Signal accuracy is hard to achieve given the fluctuation that occurs with natural phenomenon such as weather conditions and temperature of a place. Other factors such as polling intervals and device powers also affect the accuracy of a signal and delay in sending and receiving data.

Difficulty in tracking during triangulation
Just like other devices running on signal technology when three or more beacons are placed too close and a user gets into the zone it becomes confusing for an app to react to any particular Beacon device causing failure in sending or receiving a message accordingly.

No way to check message recipiency
Since iBeacons are one-way radios, it is simply difficult to know the recipiency of the message, in simple words there is no way to know in low range devices whether a message is received by a user or not.

Security being the top most priority of any mobile app development, in iBeacon it is tough to maintain a secure channel. It works on cohesive efforts of hardware and software and requires a physical device and authentication keys both to change settings of a Beacon Device.

Addition of features
Addition of many features can deter the performance of iBeacon App. Every iBeacon application development company agrees on being very specific in push messages and providing users a customized experience based on their preferences and current conditions.

Avoiding identity theft
One of the most common challenges faced by iBeacon Application development company around the world is maintain the confidentiality of the user. The challenge is to maintain a secure channel when a user is notified of the fellow users using the Beacon with same interest.

Wrapping UP

Some other challenges faced by iBeacon App Developers are signal bouncing by physical space, interference caused by Wi-Fi, Uploading Apps onto Apple store etc. However, looking onto the bright side, technology will possibly resolve these challenges sooner or later as a technology like iBeacon can help enterprise a lot in performing their work.
Also, you can be in a state of confusion whether iBeacon are Bluetooth devices, but NO! they have a lot of difference in many majors such as battery consumption, range, voice support, security, latency etc. Thus, while looking forward to Mobile app development for your beacon device you can hire or look for an expert iBeacon Application development company which will help you know more about the services and benefits about getting your very own iBeacon app built up.