One can do a lot of things with few lines of Python code. However, in case you wish to develop a complex full-featured web application in Python from scratch, then you might be doing just wrong There are some of the best Python frameworks that exist which you can use for the purpose of web development. They are not only fast and refined but also backed by thousands of developers.

Here, we explain how python works with web development. We explain various aspects of Python and related features which will help you throughout the python web development.

First, we need to understand what web framework is? A web framework is a collection of modules and packages which allows easier development of sites. It handles all type of low-level communications within the system along with it hides it from you. This is done so that it makes no issues for performing most common tasks for the development.
The line where it draws the significant line between which to hide or not which depends on the individual framework itself. Now we discuss why you should choose python web framework. You can always create a web app from the start, but there are several reasons you wouldnt want to. Below are the major reasons why you should go about choosing python framework over your own.

1. It is trusted and used by a lot of large companies. Most popular Python frameworks such as Django and Pyramid are being used by companies like Pinterest, Dropbox, and Instagram in their python web app development . So, it is quite safe to admit that these frameworks can handle almost anything which they have to deal with.

2. It also hides complicated low-level details. As we have mentioned earlier, the web frameworks are essentially meant to hide as well as handle all low-level details such that developers dont have to dig deeper into how everything performs when they are developing a web-enabled application.

3. It helps in saving valuable time. These frameworks have been specifically built investing numerous developer and testing hours. Building on top of it helps you in saving time. Especially, when you are creating a simple prototype of a website, using web frameworks can certainly help you a lot.

4. Another most important advantage of using a web framework is handling the security of the website. Since web frameworks have been used as well as backed by thousands, it inherently and substantially handles security, which prevents misuse of the web application and assists in secure python web development of applications.

5. Great frameworks are built which ensure scalability from the very start of the process of development. So, whenever you plan to scale your website by simply adding a new component or even using a new database, web frameworks are generally more likely to scale much better than what you can actually come up with when you are building from scratch.

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Now, you have to decide which framework to use. There are a lot of python web frameworks, and every framework comes with their own strengths as well as weakness. Hence, it is quite necessary to evaluate the project requirements and then pick the best one from the given collection. The three most popular web frameworks in Python are: Django, Pyramid and Flask

Now, there are few things that you need to know when you begin with Python frameworks.

1. You need to learn Python and HTML. Before you start with any framework, it is better to earn Python from the start. When you are quite comfortable with the language as well as its power, you will certainly have a strong understanding of the various fundamentals which are required for the project. Equally, important knowledge is to have the knowledge of HTML and JS. Modern Python web app development is not possible without them.

2. Another important thing is to follow the getting started guide as carefully as you can and also grasp the basic architectural knowledge. Since the frameworks such as Django are based on MVC while Flask uses Jinja2 templating engine, it is important to know how these given architectures actually work.

3. When you start, never rush into creating a fully-featured heavy web application. You should start with something simpler. This will teach you who CRUD functionalities, as well as basic HTTP requests, are handled by the given framework. Also, you will certainly have a great grasp on how to get started with a given framework itself.

4. Exceptions and bugs are considered to be best friends of programmers. It is essentially to learn to configure as well as utilize the debugging capabilities of the various frameworks. Understanding these exceptions and how a particular code behaves in given cases will help you a lot.


Python along with its powerful web framework is a great choice for web development, and you should hire python developers who are well-versed with the aspects we mentioned above. It will bring you up to the speed with the modern needs of today. Python along with its frameworks offer various opportunities to develop full-fledged applications which are discussed above. This is how python works with web development.