Tinder has captured a significant market since its introduction in the dating app industry. When most of the dating apps have been deceptive platforms without a lot of advertisements and suspicious bugs, Tinder has made its mark in the social networking industry and online dating world in a very short span of time.
Even though it is an authentic dating platform which performs most of its purpose as well as offer high on the expectation of the users, making social dating into the mainstreams of mobile application development has been a challenge.
These great feats by this app have inspired a lot of companies to try this idea and bring their own version of Tinder. But before you think about creating such an app, you need to understand the underlying process and the cost of development of such an app. To get an idea of the development cost of dating app like Tinder, you need to consider various features and functionalities which drive the cost.

1. Right platform for App development
It starts with selecting the right platform where you wish to create your app. And you have to select it wisely since the cost, as well as the time required to create such an app, would certainly depend on the number as well as kind of development platforms that you decide. For Android, you require around 200 to 250 hours for app designing and development. In case of iOS, you need 250 to 350 hours for app designing and its development.

2. Creating the Dashboard
For creating an online dating solution , you require a fully-functional admin backend in order to assist you in analysing the statistics as well as measure the performance which is based on various user engagement parameters. Entire analytics can consist of monitoring activities as well as events such as the number of matches made per hour or swipe, in reference to both time and sessions to collect important data on the tendencies of the users as well as trends. It requires at least 150 to 200 hours of development to create such a dashboard.

3. Developing web portal extension
For creating such an app, it is essential to have an extension which performs as a database source or a repository in order to accommodate all the vital information which the users like to refer to. This can essentially be any detail which is related to the user or any type of information regarding the demographics which can help you in connecting with some matching records in order to fetch relevant results that you are looking for. For creating such an extension, it requires 150 to 200 hours of development time.

4. Quality Analysis
Once you have designed the app and performed all the development tasks, the apps to be taken through comprehensive testing as well as debugging in order to make sure that the app has all the quality at different levels. As the app passes through this testing process, it can reach an adequate mark of quality for it to be deployed on the app store.

5. Quality of Resources and Expertise
Creating an app like Tinder needs a high level of experience working with various kind of social, analytical, and communication features. The team that works on such solution need to have complete knowledge of integrating all types of third-party resources as well as extensions which can help in expanding the functionalities of the app as well as the range as per the preferences. Also, it will need enough amount of support in the form of infrastructural resources as well as tools to provide persistent along with resourceful results to be achieved right.
Now, lets consider the hourly rate of the different people involved in the development process. When it comes to designing part of the app, a graphics design will be performing work on customised vector graphics as well as the layout which will take nearly 50 hours. The UX designer will be the one who will define the designs scope.

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He will be creating the complete wireframe as well as the apps communication interface which will take nearly 100 hours.

The app development will require programmers on a different platform to create the complete software design and also work on the backend programming, as well as extension development along with the functional deployment which will be based on the complete scope of the development. It will require around 700 hours. For quality analysis, you need to hire a quality analyst for debugging as well as optimising the app to achieve good quality. It will take nearly 100 hours.


Based on all these features, development aspects and different people involved, you can ascertain the cost of development. For a platform like iOS, the total number of hours that would be required to develop an app like Tinder will be around 750 to 900 hours. The developers effort will add extra time which can take the entire development time to 1500 hours. On an average, developing an app can cost around $25 to $30 per hour. So, the total cost of development will be around $375,000 to $450,000.