If you are looking out for technology so that it can complement the project swiftly along with a simple and sleek user interface, then you are on the right track. React.js is a JavaScript library that is meant for front-end development of mobile applications.
For the developers, it helps them in creating an interactive and seamless interface for a single page application as well as developing a web application which doesnt need any type of reloading along with different reusable UI components for both web as well as mobile applications. So, there are a plethora of things you need to consider when you hire a React.js developer for mobile application development.

Due to the simplicity, scalability as well as speed, there is a large number of websites that are developed on React.js. Some of the famous ones are Facebook, Dropbox, Paypal, etc. React.js was created by Facebook to assist in the development of applications as well assistance of Instagram, and that is why is being used as a front-end technology that is significantly successful.

Along with this, React.js web development is a great solution for mobile apps, web applications, office productivity applications, desktop media content producing apps, marketing landing pages and much more. It is also great for AR and VR cross-platform apps.

What to look in a React.js developer?

React.js was recently launched and it has grown in popularity along with more usability which is why there are a large number of app developers who are quite an expert in it. This is because of the fact that React.js is open source and it has created an extensive community of programmers. To find the right and talented React.js developer for mobile app development, consider following skills required in the developer.

1. He needs to have the complete knowledge of different languages such as JavaScript, CSS, Python, Stylus, HTML, LESS etc.

2. He need to know various frameworks such as Angular 2, ReactNative, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Backbone.

3. He should be expert in different builders such as Gulp, Browserify, Webpack, Grunt and Bower.

4. He need to have in-depth knowledge of different libraries like MomentJS, JQuery, Loads.

5. He should be aware of different technologies like Ajax, NodeJS , XSLT, SOAP, JSON etc.

6. He should have complete knowledge of performing work with large variety of databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Blockchain, Redis.

7. He need to know different testing such as Unit-tests, Enzyme, Mocha, Karma, VCS, Jest etc.

8. He needs to have the complete knowledge of application platforms like WordPress, Confluence, Apache, Elasticsearch, Nginx, OpenStack, CMS.

9. He need to have working knowledge of different cloud services like Amazon AWS, GitHub, npm, SaaS, Microsoft Azure, Yarn, Google Cloud Platform.

The hiring process of the expert developer requires a lot of time especially if he is from the Western countries and places like Europe and US. To save time, you should submit the general terms of the entire project like a deadline, budget, technologies along with the specialized platform.

You need to know that JavaScript is used by a lot of developers and most of them are familiar with the key frameworks and libraries. It makes it quite difficult to search and hire an expert React.js developer for the project. You should also know that JavaScript is growing at a rapid pace as well as the subsystems like React especially when the app developers require to remain updated as well as follow the recent JS trends.

Advantages of React.js App development

The major advantages of building application or apps on React.js are:

1. It helps in the creation of an SEO friendly website that drives a large volume of traffic.

2. It offers a testable system that signifies that it is quite easy to create a wide range of UI test cases.

3. It provides simple along with functional programming as well as easier debugging.

4. The various components can be reused easily on a wide range of platforms, along with the existing code for a particular website that is being implemented into a given mobile application.

5. It makes extremely effective as well as the efficient system as Virtual DOM which helps in improvement of the
performance of high-load and heavy web apps.

Thats why React.js development company need to look at the above-mentioned characteristics of React.js developer, and he should be aware of the possibilities that React.js has to offer.