Enriching eLearning Solution provider Company

NOTO IT Solutions is a web and mobile app development company that helps you develop effective eLearning Mobile Applications. With the right tools we custom create your products and deliver you tailor made content driven solutions that serve as the right platform to exchange, sell, creative innovative and interactive contents. Our digital content is based on the combination of multi-medias including 3D videos, simulations, experiments, texts, images, quizzes, and web links, learning objects that help enhance a student’s learning and comprehensive capacities.

At NOTO IT Solutions, we help you provide professional learning facilities to your potential learners that is based on 21st century equipment and ICT. Thus, here you will find the resources, proven techniques and the expertise needed to develop you a chartbusting eLearning Application, churning a student’s critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity.

Go Global with emerging eLearning Solutions and unbending technology!

Key features that we cater are

  • Online Admissions
  • Assessment Management and Live Feedback
  • Quick User Integration
  • Easy payment Method
  • Online communities, and Social engagements

How do we make things easier on Admin-side?

Key backend features

  • Student Information Management System
  • Content Development
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Gamifications
  • Diagnostics

Key Industries We Serve

10+ years of experience and 500+ projects has led to increased experience in various industries and of various backdrops…