Engagement Methodology

Business Engagement Methodology

We are happier to have you as our potential associate, who believes in our working process, trusts in our Agile SDLC Model and have faith over our dexterous experience in eminent technologies. The thing that makes our engagement methodology adaptable by any industry is its scalability and flexibility that can suit to any business requirement and can modify as per the required changes.

Requirement changes can be driven due to market trends or by the conceptual improvements done by the client and our engagement model has been prepared to adopt these changes at any time before the deployment. We haven’t believe in hidden barriers that’s why our engagement model encourage us to provide transparent working culture, economic hiring model, dedicated resources and recommended technical assistance.

Why our engagement methodologies keep us in your preference?

Salient features that we provide with our engagement methodology to make you comfortable and assured about the quality and performance along with the budgeted solution. Benefits that you are going to get with the selection of our engagement methodology:

- Transparent working culture
- Complete technical assistance
- Secured development environment
- Certified Quality
- Economic hiring model
- Fore sure Privacy
- Agile SDLC Model
- Experienced Experts Association

Get ready to join Hands and Choose One from Our Flexible Engagement Models!

Dedicated Expert Hiring Model

As an eminent name in the information technology industry, we understand the requirement of dedicated resources to accomplish different tasks according to the biz interpretation and a sole control over the development process. That’s why we introduce our “Dedicated Expert Hiring Model” in which you can hire AngularJS developer, graphic designer, android app developer, iOS app developer, Node JS Developer, React JS Developer, or SEO consultant dedicatedly.

Even, our expert hiring model allows you to choose your required resource in two different ways-

-Full Time Association

With full time association model, you will get 8 hours a day assistancefrom the dedicated resources, who solely work on your project and available to discuss or modify things at any time and get a complete control over the development process.

-Part Time Association

While on other hand, Part Time Association model will help you to cut off your cost by hiring a dedicated resource for part time basis (80 hours a month minimum). The resource will be available in your given time frame to make changes, give you the feedbacks and for modification tasks.

Fixed Price Hiring Model

Well suited hiring model for the organizations that have a complete command over their biz plan and already done an in-depth research regarding the resources, scope and acceptable criteria. With all these feasible assumptions, we’ll adore them with a fixed price hiring model, which can cut down their unexpected cost and delay in resource management.

In fixed price hiring model, we provide 160 hours dedicated assistance in a month along with quality assurance, bug-free development and transparent process model.

Hourly Basis Hiring Model

For organizations or the individuals who have a flexible concept where resources and scope can be changed at any time frame, our hourly basis hiring model will be a perfect engagement model. As it is comprised of quality and performance and charged on the basis of per hour work of a dedicated resource.

In our Hourly Basis Hiring Model, a client will have to associate with a minimum of 40 hours a month, so we can easily understand their requirement and our dedicated adroit expert will help them to get a performing solution.

Offshore Developer on Demand Model

Being an eminent web and mobile app development company, we know the worth of every single resource that we have. Their skills, expertise, experience and availability belongs to our forefront special features and expands our engagement methodology around the globe.

Our offshore development team will be available on demand to make your project progress speed up at any time. Even it helps organizations to expand their development team and get benefits of their in-depth knowledge, years of experience and profound skills & expertise with in an economic cost.

NOTO Solutions’ Core Value

NOTO Solutions’ solely involved in the IT services from web development to mobile app development and custom software development to SEO. We oblige

Dedication, Commitment 
    and Keenness

Dedication, Commitment and Keenness

Transparent working with partners and clientele

Transparent working with partners and clientele

Open work station, to endor creative and motivational atmosphere

Open work station, to endor creative and motivational atmosphere

Ready to take challenges and adopt newer technologies

Ready to take challenges and adopt newer technologies

Keen to maintain long term relationships with customers

Keen to maintain long term relationships with customers

Maintain quality standards, code standards and user standards for client retention

Maintain quality standards, code standards and user standards for client retention

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